Joel Schlessinger MD recommends shampoos for men with thinning hair

Joel Schlessinger MD recommends shampoos for men with thinning hair

Thinning hair is an issue that affects about 35 million men around the world. While there are some medical solutions that can help, you can also combat this common issue by using shampoos that encourage healthier, stronger hair growth. In a recent article, “5 Great Shampoos for Guys with Thinning Hair” on, Joel Schlessinger MD recommends his favorite shampoos for men who are experiencing thinning or loss of hair.

One approach, says Joel Schlessinger MD, is to rebuild and strengthen the hair that you have.

Thinning hair can be caused by a number of issues including medications and aging. Taking care of both your hair and your scalp can help combat thinning hair. If your hair is lacking volume or breaks easily, choose a strengthening and thickening shampoo such as Jack Black True Volume Thickening Shampoo.

“This made-for-men shampoo contains potent body-building ingredients that dive deep into each hair shaft for a volumized, full appearance,” says Joel Schlessinger MD.

Joel Schlessinger MD points out the importance of taking care of your scalp.

Without a healthy scalp, your hair will be weak and limp. Stimulating the scalp improves microcirculation to strengthen roots and prevent fallout. Rene Furterer FORTICEA Stimulating Shampoo contains a blend of botanicals that encourages circulation to promote healthy and strong strands. The microbeads in this formula invigorate the scalp as it removes dirt, oil and debris.

If you are using a thinning hair treatment or serum, it is important to start with a good shampoo. According to Joel Schlessinger MD, Osmotics FNS Revitalizing Shampoo works best as a preparatory step for hair loss treatments. It removes debris and encourages hair follicles to open up, allowing the advanced ingredients to work effectively.

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Dr. Joel Schlessinger shares his thoughts on Valeant and Allergan with The Wall Street Journal

Dr. Joel Schlessinger discusses Valeant and Allergan with The Wall Street Journal

Valeant, a large manufacturer of commonly prescribed medicines and treatments, including many best-selling skin care and cosmeceutical products, is in the process of purchasing Allergan.

Dr. Schlessinger was recently quoted as an expert in his field in The Wall Street Journal. In the article, “Bid for Allergan Puts Valeant’s Research and Development Cuts Under Scrutiny” he discusses the new merging of Valeant and Allergan, the manufacturer of Obagi,products and the Restylane®, Perlane® and Dysport™ injectables.

Dr. Joel Schlessinger works with Valeant to create customer loyalty programs.

Recently, in response to a request from Dr. Schlessinger, the company employed a customer rebate program for cosmetic procedures. “Valeant may have trimmed in some areas, but the company has found other ways to appeal to patients and physicians, such as by rejiggering a patient loyalty program,” says Dr. Schlessinger.

We at LovelySkin are so proud of Dr. Schlessinger’s patient advocacy efforts! Valeant plans to continue to work with Dr. Schlessinger and other physicians to cultivate more great programs in the future.

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Joel Schlessinger MD talks about the skin habits you need to break with

Dr. Joel Schlessinger talks to BeautyHigh about skin habits to quit
Though most of us have settled into a skin care routine we love by now, there may still be a few bad skin practices we succumb to when we’re stressed or busy. These habits may not be causing visible signs of distress in the here and now, but in the long run, they can undo everything we’re doing right. In the recent article, “13 Terrible Skin Habits You Need to Quit Immediately,” Dr. Schlessinger spoke with about some of the habits he encourages his patients to kick.

Joel Schlessinger MD and other dermatologists explain ways to avoid putting extra stress on the skin.

Being “nice” to your skin is crucial to its health. Aside from getting enough sleep, drinking plenty of water and maintaining a healthy diet with plenty of fruits and vegetables, you can take great care of your skin by treating it with care. Refrain from picking at pimples, scars or other blemishes and be very gentle when cleansing and exfoliating. Do not use harsh scrubbing motions and never tug at the fragile skin around the eyes.

These skin-saving tips from Joel Schlessinger MD could surprise you.

We all know that smoking has been known to take a major toll on the skin, causing premature signs of aging such as wrinkles around the mouth. The repeated motion of drinking through a straw can cause similar lines to form. But did you know that chewing gum is also a major culprit for lines around the mouth? “Chewing gum can also cause wrinkles to form around the mouth, as well as create other issues in the mouth structure,” says Joel Schlessinger MD. Kicking the chewing gum habit now may just save your skin later.

A similarly innocent activity, lip-licking, could also have a negative impact on the skin over time. Dry lips may not be comfortable, but licking them simply won’t help. “Saliva dries quickly, taking any natural moisture with it,” Dr. Schlessinger explains. The result is lips that are dry, cracked and chapped.

FixMySkin Healing Lip Balm, developed by Joel Schlessinger MD, will keep lips healthy and hydrated.

Try FixMySkin Healing Lip Balm Unflavored with 1% Hydrocortisone next time you find your lips feeling dry. This handy stick contains 1% hydrocortisone to heal irritation, plus hydrating cocoa and shea butters to nourish and protect the lips.

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Joel Schlessinger MD shares natural ways to deal with bugs

Joel Schlessinger MD shares natural ways to deal with bugs

Your summer activities can quickly be ruined by pesky insects. While most people reach for the bug repellent, there are others ways you can protect yourself against this annoying summertime issue. In a recent article on, Joel Schlessinger MD discusses ways to not only protect against bites, but also to reduce itching and irritation after you’ve been bitten.

Joel Schlessinger MD recommends taking steps to reduce the risk of insect bites.

Before you head outdoors, take precautions to protect yourself against mosquitoes, gnats and other bugs. Loose-fitting clothing is a good defense against bugs because it is harder for them to bite through your clothes. Studies also show that mosquitoes are attracted to dark colors so wear white and light shades to guard against bites.

Joel Schlessinger MD also recommends avoiding areas with standing water. Insects are attracted to still water so if you’re spending time at the beach or by the pool, take extra steps to protect yourself. There are also several natural items that help repel bugs such as garlic, basil and tansy. Surround yourself with these plants for natural protection against bugs.

After you’ve been bit, Joel Schlessinger MD recommends using these items to stop itching.

Bug bites cause itching, irritation, swelling and skin that becomes more inflamed as you continue to itch. FixMySkin Body Balm Unscented with 1% Hydrocortisone helps heal skin to soothe itching and irritation caused by insect bites. Other products with ingredients such as aloe vera can reduce swelling and inflammation. Joel Schlessinger MD also recommends using baking soda to help reduce itching.

“Some people mix a few drops of water with baking soda, which can help neutralize the skin’s pH levels to reduce itching,” Joel Schlessinger MD says.

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Patent for FixMySkin Healing Balms awarded to Joel Schlessinger MD and his son, Daniel

Patent for FixMySkin Healing Balms awarded to Joel Schlessinger MD and his son, Daniel

The development of the FixMySkin Healing Balms began with the curiosity of Daniel Schlessinger, son of dermatologist and cosmetic surgeon Joel Schlessinger MD. Years later, the product has become a popular choice of dermatologists for healing dry skin symptoms, chapped lips and other irritating skin issues. Joel Schlessinger MD and Daniel were recently awarded a patent for these versatile products and you can read the story behind their development here.

Daniel was Joel Schlessinger MD’s inspiration to develop the balms.

After trying to use regular lip balm to soothe his chapped fingers, Daniel began to wonder if there was a product that was specifically formulated to heal the skin. Joel Schlessinger MD encouraged Daniel to see what he could discover.

“I initially put the onus on him to see if there was a body balm with 1% hydrocortisone in a tube and what the patent status was,” Joel Schlessinger MD says. “We didn’t want a petroleum base as that made for a very poor taste and melting properties, so we worked to develop FixMySkin to fill that niche.”

After years of testing, the two developed a formula with 1% hydrocortisone that heals skin, rather than simply moisturizing it like many generic products.

Joel Schlessinger MD recommends the FixMySkin balms for psoriasis, eczema, chapped lips and more.

The FixMySkin balms come in vanilla and unscented options as well as three different applicators for the lips, body and face. The hydrocortisone heals skin to relieve itching, flaking and irritation caused by a number of issues including allergic skin reactions, insect bites, chapped lips, psoriasis and eczema.

This popular product has been featured in the New York Times, the Wall Street Journal and The Dr. Oz Show and is available in over 100 dermatology offices across the country. To find out more about these versatile balms, visit

Dr. Joel Schlessinger shares makeup tricks to look more youthful with

Makeup Tricks to Look Younger

When combined with a great skin care routine, makeup has the power to take years off of your appearance. In a recent post on, “Makeup Tricks to Help You Look Younger,” Dr. Joel Schlessinger shared some of his best tips for using makeup to achieve a healthy, young-looking appearance.

It’s important to moisturize, says Dr. Joel Schlessinger.

The basis for smooth makeup application is having healthy skin underneath. Cleanse twice a day, exfoliate at least once a week and moisturize properly. By moisturizing twice daily, you’ll keep skin plump and hydrated. This is especially important as we age, since our skin tends to lose its natural moisture over time. Applying a good moisturizer before facial makeup will also, “…help minimize the appearance of lines and wrinkles, which become more pronounced on dry skin,” states Dr. Schlessinger.

For superior moisture, choose products that contain healthy, hydrating ingredients and use two different formulas for morning and evening. EltaMD AM Therapy Facial Moisturizer creates a smooth, supple complexion when applied before makeup. The oil-free, non-greasy lotion contains nourishing glycerin, plus niacinamide for its anti-aging benefits. For a moisturizer that keeps skin hydrated as you sleep, pick up EltaMD PM Therapy Facial Moisturizer. The lotion strengthens skin and restores lost elasticity with a powerful blend of peptides, antioxidants and hyaluronic acid.

Dr. Joel Schlessinger also recommends contouring to give makeup youthful dimension.

Contouring involves using foundation, bronzer, blush and highlighter to enhance facial structure and give shape to different areas of the face. Using the concept of shadow and illumination, says Dr. Schlessinger, “It can create the illusion of a face lift without surgery by drawing attention to your best features.” It can also help detract from features you’d rather play down.

Use a bronzer under the cheekbones and a highlighter on the cheekbones to sculpt them. Then add a fresh, dewy touch with some blush. The jane iredale Quad Bronzer in Moonglow or Sunbeam has everything you need to contour like a pro. Four different hues allow you to customize bronzer, blush and highlighter shades to find a great look for day or night. To see contouring in action at our LovelySkin retail store, watch our video on how to contour here.

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Dr. Joel Schlessinger featured on discussing the benefits of spirulina

Dr. Joel Schlessinger featured on about the benefits of spirulina
Dr. Joel Schlessinger recently talked with about the skin-savvy benefits of spirulina. This blue-green algae is found in many natural and marine-based skin care products because of its high nutritional content that can help protect and beautify your complexion. Read more to find out how spirulina skin care products can do wonders for your skin.

Spirulina can help you achieve healthier hair and nails, says Dr. Joel Schlessinger.

When taken as a supplement, this seaweed can help many aspects of your body. Spirulina contains a wide range of minerals that are important to maintain healthy hair, skin and nails. These minerals help keep hair shiny and your nails strong. Not only this, but it also helps fight off inflammation and can help soothe and calm sensitive skin.

Dr. Joel Schlessinger says spirulina is a great source of antioxidants.

Free radicals are a common part of our environment that can cause premature aging. Luckily, spirulina has a high content of antioxidants that help shield the skin from free radical damage. Spirulina is packed with vitamin A, vitamin B-12 and vitamin E, all of which can help improve the appearance of sagging, tired-looking skin.

“These vitamins also prevent wide-spread free radical growth, stopping premature aging in its tracks,” said Dr. Joel Schlessinger.

Treat dark circles with spirulina, Dr. Joel Schlessinger advises.

Spirulina can also help strengthen the skin, helping to minimize the appearance of dark circles.

“The detoxifying effects of spirulina can help eliminate dark circles and other shadows. It can also improve general dryness and irritation in the eyes and skin around the eyes,” said Dr. Joel Schlessinger.

Dr. Joel Schlessinger incorporates spirulina into the treatment of warts.

In Dr. Joel Schlessinger’s dermatology clinic, he often advises his patients to use a regimen containing spirulina to treat and prevent the growth of warts.

“Most of my wart patients find it an easy way to ward off new warts and heal recalcitrant ones with fewer treatments,” he said.

Dr. Joel Schlessinger shares his favorite products that contain spirulina.

Kerstin Florian Rejuvenating Spirulina Masque can be used as a stimulating treatment for a healthier, more youthful appearance. Rich in antioxidants, vitamins, minerals, protein and chlorophyll, this mask is the ultimate nutrient boost for dull skin.

Elemis Body Enhancement Capsules are daily supplements that can help strengthen your hair and nails as it boosts your mental alertness and improves stamina. For superior results, use these supplements with a sensible diet and exercise.

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Joel Schlessinger MD talks to Daily Makeover about how to recover from jet lag

Dr. Joel Schlessinger discusses tips to recover from jet lag fast

If you have to fly across time zones when you travel, chances are you’ll experience jet lag. Not only does jet lag leave you feeling exhausted, the drying conditions aboard the plane can zap your tired skin of its natural moisture. Joel Schlessinger, MD recently spoke to Daily Makeover about tips to keep your skin looking and feeling healthy on your next trip.

Joel Schlessinger MD recommends getting some sleep to repair the skin.

One of the best things you can do for your skin while flying is to get some sleep. “Skin restores and repairs itself while we sleep, and robbing it of the chance to do so could be another stressor on your complexion,” says Dr. Schlessinger.

A modified skin care routine will help your skin compensate for lost moisture, says Joel Schlessinger MD.

Flying can wreak havoc on the skin due to extremely low humidity aboard the aircraft. Air is continuously recycled and recirculated throughout the cabin while humidity is as low as 20 percent. The air is forced to draw moisture from wherever it can, including the skin. If your skin is already prone to dryness, it’ll become even dryer. Oily skin types are especially prone to post-flight breakouts because the skin begins to produce excess oil to compensate for the drying effects of the air.

To start your vacation on the right foot, Dr. Schlessinger recommends adding extra moisturizer into your skin care routine one to two weeks before you leave. He likes to recommend Obagi Hydrate Facial Moisturizer to his patients. It’s free of harsh ingredients and it contains hydromanil, shea butter, avocado oil and mango butter to restore moisture and replenish the complexion. It’s also a good idea to begin to drink extra water about one to two weeks prior to take-off.

Take FixMySkin Healing Body Balm, developed by Joel Schlessinger MD, on your next flight.

While you’re onboard, you’ll need a portable moisturizer, like FixMySkin Healing Body Balm Unscented with 1% Hydrocortisone. This balm comes in a convenient, heat-resistant stick for easy application on dry, rough patches of skin. Shea butter and cocoa butter hydrate while 1% hydrocortisone provides deep, repairing moisture to irritated skin cells. It’s also great for the face and lips. Keep FixMySkin handy on the plane to spot-treat any areas that feel uncomfortably dry.

To get more of your favorite skin care products in a convenient travel size, visit

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Dr. Joel Schlessinger talks to about how to wear bronzer the right way


Bronzer may be a staple in your makeup routine, but are you wearing the best product for you and using the proper application technique? Recently, Dr. Joel Schlessinger spoke with in an article called, “The Worst Mistakes You Can Make with Bronzer—And How to Avoid Them” about achieving your best summer glow.

Choosing the right formula is key, explains Dr. Joel Schlessinger.

For a natural finish, choose a mineral powder. Powders are the easiest to apply and the easiest to customize for your skin tone and coverage preferences. Plus mineral powders typically contain hypoallergenic ingredients and are suitable for sensitive skin types.

Dr. Joel Schlessinger likes jane iredale Rose Dawn Bronzer for its beautiful, natural results and high-grade formula. This product won’t clog pores and it allows you to achieve a luminous glow without the risk of sun damage. The best part is that with its four shades, it’s a bronzer, blush and highlighter all in one. You can blend the colors or use them separately to customize the perfect look.

You’ll want to steer clear of glitter. Shimmery bronzers may advertise a sun-kissed sparkle, but too much overall shine can make your complexion look oily.

Dr. Joel Schlessinger says to apply a highlighter to give your face more dimension.

It’s important not to cake on the color if you’re going for a bronzed appearance. Dr. Schlessinger and other experts agree that sweeping bronzer in a “3” shape across the forehead, around the cheekbone, and down the jawline is the best way to achieve a natural look.

To avoid a muddy skin tone that’s static and too dark for your complexion, Dr. Schlessinger recommends, “apply[ing] a highlighter across your cheekbones and your brow bone, which will give your face more dimension.”

jane iredale So-Bronze is a soft mineral powder made with antioxidants to protect your skin from UV damage. Just a touch of this bronzer-highlighter duo across the brow, cheekbones and chin will instantly create all-day radiance and a natural glow.

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Joel Schlessinger, MD and his son, Daniel, awarded patent for FixMySkin balm

Dr. Joel Schlessinger's FixMySkin Awarded Patent Joel Schlessinger, MD and his son, Daniel, were recently awarded a patent for their FixMySkin balms, a series of products designed to not just moisturize dry lips and skin, but to heal them. In “ Awarded Patent for Skin Care Product Designed to Heal While Moisturizing Dry Lips and Skin,” DermWire featured their story and asked Dr. Schlessinger some questions about the invention process.

Joel Schlessinger, MD says, “Daniel was my inspiration.”

In the winter of 2007, 12-year-old Daniel Schlessinger was experiencing dry, chapped hands and lips and no products were helping. He decided to try putting lip balm on his fingertips to soothe the dryness and cracking, and he noticed that the salve relieved his dry skin more effectively than hand lotion. Joel Schlessinger, MD recognized the benefits of a portable balm that healed dry skin. Using Daniel’s interest as inspiration, he began to search for similar products. Realizing that no such product existed, he and Daniel set out to create a product of their own.

1% hydrocortisone is the active ingredient in FixMySkin products, developed by Joel Schlessinger, MD.

Dr. Schlessinger and Daniel’s mission was to make a compact, heat-resistant product containing hydrocortisone. The product needed to have the ability to heal skin, but it also needed to taste good enough to use on the lips. The pair began working with chemists, manufacturers and distributors to launch their FixMySkin line containing 1% hydrocortisone. Though he was in high school at the time, balancing extracurricular activities and college applications, Daniel worked through the FDA-approval process, set up meetings, developed packaging and worked with an attorney on the patent application. Dr. Schlessinger says, “The best part of the process was seeing my son, Daniel, progress to learn so much from start to finish.”

FixMySkin, created by Joel Schlessinger, MD and Daniel Schlessinger is available on

FixMySkin balms are available for purchase in several different varieties and packages on FixMySkin Healing Body Balm Unscented with 1% Hydrocortisone is a powerful balm that banishes multiple irritating skin symptoms. 1% hydrocortisone penetrates deeply into cells to heal skin irritation while moisturizing and replenishing. Hydrating ingredients such as shea butter and cocoa butter hydrate for relief from dryness and itchiness. FixMySkin is FDA-approved for healing symptoms caused by eczema, psoriasis, seborrheic dermatitis and allergic reactions. It’s also a wonderful solution for relieving irritation caused by insect bites, poison ivy and other rashes. FixMySkin balms come in three sizes. There are .15 ounce and .50 ounce sticks available for the lips and body, plus a .25 ounce tub available for facial application. All products come in either unscented or vanilla. Do you have questions or comments for Dr. Schlessinger about his FixMySkin products? Let us know in the comments section.


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