FixMySkin healing balm helped this woman relieve unpleasant cold symptoms.

Here’s a testimonial from yet another new fan of FixMySkin healing balms.

Fashion Pulse Daily - Step into Hydro Healing with FixMySkin Balms

Julia DiNardo of Fashion Plus Daily wrote a blog post in November 2011 titled “Step into Hydro Healing with FixMySkin Balms.” In it, she shared the unpleasant cold symptoms she was feeling, including a “red irritated face from blowing the nose,” the “ultra chapped lips” and “general grossness.”

So, DiNardo decided to try FixMySkin to relieve symptoms — and her “t-zone was quickly soothed” and her “lips were quenched.” She adds that she wouldn’t be surprised to see FixMySkin showing up everywhere.

Besides containing 1% hydrocortisone, FixMySkin balms for face, lips and skin also contain beeswax, Shea butter, cocoa seed butter and more for a healing experience.

Before and after photos: on the site of Dr. Joel Schlessinger, there are a series of photos that show how well FixMySkin works on dry skin.

At, Dr. Joel Schlessinger shows before and after photos when people use FixMySkin balm on their faces, legs and hands. You can also use the balm on your heels, elbows, lips and more.
Before and After results of using FixMySkin healing balm
Finally, find the story of the creation of FixMySkin at It was Dr. Joel Schlessinger’s son, Daniel, who first came up with the idea after lotions didn’t help his dry and chapped skin, at least not for long.

Daniel then tried lip balm, which was more effective, and that sparked his curiosity. Why couldn’t a similar product be invented for skin? He and his father did some research and discovered that no over-the-counter skin balm containing hydrocortisone existed. Read the rest of the story of the invention of FixMySkin here.

Freelance writers, editors, journalist and bloggers: are you looking for an expert for your article? Contact Dr. Joel Schlessinger today.


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Dr. Joel Schlessinger is a dermatologist and cosmetic surgeon based in Omaha, NE.

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