Skin Inc. published “Joel Schlessinger, MD: Priorities and Passion.”

In January 2010, Skin Inc. featured Dr. Joel Schlessinger in an in-depth article and shared what makes him such a success.

Skin Inc - Joel Schlessinger, MD: Priorities and Passion
The article is titled “Joel Schlessinger, MD: Priorities and Passion.” Written by Cathy Christensen, it starts out with this statement: “The offices that house the various ventures of Dr. Joel Schlessinger are similar to a labyrinth, with each door leading to a different opportunity for career success.”

This article covers plenty of information about Dr. Joel Schlessinger that doesn’t often appear in other articles. For example, he shared how he’d wanted to become a physician since he was five years old. Not a dermatologist, mind you – because he didn’t make that decision until he was largely through his pediatric residency.

The Skin Inc. article stresses how the doctor cherishes Midwestern values.

Born in Ohio, his wife Nancy’s family lives in St. Louis, so it made sense for them to settle down in Omaha, Nebraska, where they could be close to Nancy’s family. He credits his parents, both retired college professors, for helping him to understand the importance of his practice and for editing his more than 60 research articles.

Midwestern values that he embraces include hard work, spending time with family, and exercising to maintain good health. Dr. Joel Schlessinger also believes in giving back: for more than 12 years, he has interviewed potential students for Brown University; for six years, he served on the local public school education foundation, still serving on the organization’s honors committee.

Here is one of the doctor’s secrets: to help manage time between work and family, he harnesses the power of the Internet. Logo

He also started an e-commerce site,, in 1997 – yet another of the doctor’s many business ventures. To find out more about other paths of his multi-pronged business, read “Joel Schlessinger, MD: Priorities and Passion.”

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About drjoelschlessinger

Dr. Joel Schlessinger is a dermatologist and cosmetic surgeon based in Omaha, NE.

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