Dr. Joel Schlessinger answers frequently asked skin care questions.

Simply Stated, a blog of the magazine Real Simple, asks Dr. Joel Schlessinger to answer its readers’ most pressing skin care questions.

Simply Stated - Dermatologist Dr. Joel Schlessinger Answers Your Questions
In “A Dermatologist Answers Your Questions, Part 1,” Dr. Joel Schlessinger answers questions about:

  • Reducing darker spots on middle-aged skin
  • Splurging on a product that works on sunspots
  • Using olive oil on the face and eyelashes
  • Products  with Retin-A that are kind to sensitive skin
  • The best moisturizing solution for dry skin, especially during winter months
  • The best moisturizing solution for oily skin that’s prone to breakouts
  • How to prevent wrinkles
  • How to layer skin care products for best effect

To find the answers to these questions, read the Simply Stated blog post – and stay tuned for a follow up blog post, “A Dermatologist Answers Your Questions, Part 2.”

Here is a peek at what the doctor discussed in part 1 of the article: how to reduce the appearance of darker spots on middle-aged skin.

Obagi Nu-Derm Clear #3

The doctor’s advice is to use sunscreen and Retin-A (or its equivalent), along with hydroquinone. He recommends Obagi Clear for application of 4% hydroquinone; the ingredients in Obagi Clear are clinically proven to correct surface damage and lighten hyperpigmentation issues for an overall lighter and brighter skin tone.

The doctor also recommends the entire Obagi system for all-over beautiful skin. The starter kit contains the following:

  • Step 1: Nu-Derm Gentle Cleanser
  • Step 2: Nu-Derm Toner
  • Step 3: Nu-Derm Clear
  • Step 4: Nu-Derm Exfoderm
  • Step 5: Nu-Derm Blender
  • Step 6: Nu-Derm Sunfader SPF 15
  • Step 7: Nu-Derm Healthy Skin Protection SPF 35

Freelance writers, editors, journalist and bloggers: are you looking for an expert for your article? Contact Dr. Joel Schlessinger today.


About drjoelschlessinger

Dr. Joel Schlessinger is a dermatologist and cosmetic surgeon based in Omaha, NE.

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