Dr. Joel Schlessinger provides exclusive commentary to Skin Inc. on eczema.

Dr. Joel Schlessinger provides “exclusive commentary” to Skin Inc. on the challenging topic of eczema.

Skin's Tight Junctions May Hold Secret to Offering Relief for Eczema With Exclusive Commentary from Joel Schlessinger, MD
In December 2010, Skin Inc. published this article: “Skin’s Tight Junctions May Hold Secret to Offering Relief for Eczema With Exclusive Commentary from Joel Schlessinger, MD.”

This article describes the skin as a barrier that protects the body from allergens, irritants, pollutants and microbes. With eczema, this barrier is “leaky,” which allows these substances to “be sensed” by the skin and then attack the immune system. According to this article, up to 17% of children and about approximately 6% of adults in the United States (close to 15 million people) have eczema, so it is a widespread problem.

In the past, the upper layer of skin has been named as the source of the leak for people with eczema. In a new study published by the Journal of Allergy and Clinical Immunology, though, a second skin barrier with cell-to-cell connectivity (known as tight junctions) was found to also be faulty in eczema patients. This suggests exciting new areas of research and potential treatments.

According to Dr. Joel Schlessinger, “This is an intriguing hypothesis and one that clearly fits well with the theory of barrier improvement and repair . . . With further research, it may become evident which treatments work the best at healing this disruption of cellular integrity. I look forward to finding out other disease types that operate on this level as well.”

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Dr. Joel Schlessinger is a dermatologist and cosmetic surgeon based in Omaha, NE.

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