Dr. Joel Schlessinger shares parenting insights with DaddyMDGuides online.

DaddyMDGuides.com asks Dr. Joel Schlessinger for tips on successful fatherhood.       

DaddyMDGuides - Feature on Joel Schlessinger M.D.
Dr. Joel Schlessinger and his wife Nancy have two children: Claire, age 20, and Daniel, age 17. In this DaddyMDGuides.com article, the doctor shares insights into his philosophy of and experiences with fatherhood.

He cites the choice of public schools versus private schools as his biggest challenge. Ultimately, he and Nancy decided on public schools, after much input from his parents — and he describes the family’s experiences with the public school system as a “love affair.”

This stellar education led Claire to Brown University, while Daniel is a freshman at Northwestern University, where he is in the medical program.

Dr. Joel Schlessinger reveals his philosophy of fatherhood: “there is no right or wrong, and less is sometimes more.”

No pathway, he adds, is right for each child and adapting to a child’s personality is key.

Being a father helps the doctor treat teenagers and their skin care issues in his private practice — and to offer quality products for them.

Pevonia SpaTeen - All Skin Kit
The Pevonia SpaTeen All Skin Kit is an outstanding choice for teens, as it can address dry, sensitive or combination skin, to provide a clear complexion and even skin tone. The products are paraben-free (parabens are chemicals often used in skin care products as preservatives) and they contain organic extracts. They counteract damage caused by the sun; heal blemishes; and help to prevent new ones from forming.

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About drjoelschlessinger

Dr. Joel Schlessinger is a dermatologist and cosmetic surgeon based in Omaha, NE.

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