Joel Schlessinger MD shares common misconceptions about oral vitamins such as vitamin D.

Joel Schlessinger MD shares common misconceptions about oral vitamins such as vitamin D.
Dr. Joel Schlessinger was recently featured in an article on entitled, “The Top Five Anti-Aging Vitamins to Take Now.” In this article, several board certified physicians note on the important vitamins to take for skin health. Although the article focuses mainly on oral vitamins, Joel Schlessinger MD says that you’ll get better results with topical vitamins.

“In general, for healthy skin, vitamins applied topically are the best route,” said the doctor.

Joel Schlessinger MD says that some oral vitamins are helpful with overall conditions, the science behind helping the skin, other than in regular doses, is somewhat weak.

“Many companies suggest that mega-doses of vitamins can help or cure certain conditions and the evidence is that they may not do anything past a certain point,” the doctor said.

Dr. Joel Schlessinger said one large exception is vitamin D.

“The recommended daily requirements of vitamin D are likely wrong. We now think that about 2,000 international units per day are appropriate and even that may be low. If in doubt, have your levels checked.  If your levels are less than 20, then you need supplementation,” Joel Schlessinger MD noted.

“Most individuals do need supplementation as foods and even light exposure doesn’t gain enough vitamin D to be ‘normal’ levels in the blood.”

The concept that tanning beds supply a safe level of vitamin D is also false, the doctor says. “Studies have shown that vitamin D levels tend to be low even in sunny climate areas such as Hawaii.”

Overall, Dr. Joel Schlessinger says that “topically applied vitamins are certainly reasonable and helpful.”

One of the doctor’s favorite topically applied vitamin skin care brands is NIA24, a proven line of products that contain niacinamide to help correct and protect sun damaged skin. Learn more about NIA24 products here.

Do you apply any vitamins topically? Tell us about it in the comments.


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Dr. Joel Schlessinger is a dermatologist and cosmetic surgeon based in Omaha, NE.

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