FixMySkin Balms, developed by Dr. Joel Schlessinger, spotlighted in Essence magazine

FixMySkin Balms, developed by Dr. Joel Schlessinger, spotlighted in Essence magazineDr. Joel Schlessinger’s FixMySkin Healing Balms, made with a unique 1% hydrocortisone formula to heal common skin concerns, were recently highlighted in an article called “Is It Eczema” from the February 2013 issue of Essence.

In this piece, the magazine offers help in self-diagnosing atopic dermatitis, which is also known as eczema and suggests FixMySkin Balms as a healing treatment. The article recommends visiting your dermatologist and applying FixMySkin Balms if you are experiencing uncontrollable itchiness, rashes, redness, inflammation and roughness. While these are common signs of eczema, Essence suggests visiting your dermatologist for a professional opinion.

FixMySkin Healing Balms were formulated by Dr. Joel Schlessinger, along with his son Daniel and father Bernie. These balms contain 1% hydrocortisone to subdue conditions like eczema or psoriasis and to heal severely dry skin. Hydrocortisone is a topical steroid typically used to treat inflammation, irritation and common concerns. FixMySkin Balms combine hydrocortisone with soothing shea butter and emollient meadowfoam oil to treat and moisturize rough, irritated areas. These balms are more effective than most products as they create a protective layer and permeate the skin to prevent further irritation and heal existing problems. Learn more about the creation of FixMySkin Balms here.

These healing balms are available in a vanilla or fragrance-free option and come in three sizes to address eczema and dry skin on your lips, face and body. They are easy to carry and fit neatly into your purse, pocket or desk for fast application all day. Plus, they won’t melt in high temperatures. Apply this formula to areas experiencing itching and redness to calm the side effects and heal irritation.

Purchase your own FixMySkin Healing Balms to treat eczema and extremely dry skin.

Have you tried FixMySkin Balms? Share your experience in the comments.


About drjoelschlessinger

Dr. Joel Schlessinger is a dermatologist and cosmetic surgeon based in Omaha, NE.

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