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Joel Schlessinger MD discusses CC creams, a new beauty trend, with Fox News Magazine

Joel Schlessinger MD discusses CC creams, a new beauty trend, with Fox News Magazine

CC creams offer different advantages than BB creams, explains Joel Schlessinger MD.

Just as the world was getting over the BB cream craze, a new product has taken over as a favorite among skin care and beauty professionals. CC creams, or color correcting creams, are the newest complexion-perfecting products available on the market. These creams are generally more lightweight than BB creams as they diffuse redness and diminish imperfections to create a more even tone.

Joel Schlessinger MD discusses all of the benefits of this new product with Fox News Magazine in “The Latest Beauty Product Everyone’s Talking About.”

One of the biggest benefits of a CC cream, reveals Joel Schlessinger MD, is that it simplifies your routine.

Using a CC cream daily eliminates the need to prime and conceal your complexion. Most formulas contain brightening and concealing ingredients that create a more even tone while preventing signs of aging. These formulas are also lightweight, which make them beneficial for those with oily skin.

“CC creams can be very beneficial for acne-prone or oily complexions due to their lighter formulation and full coverage,” Joel Schlessinger MD says. “Investing in a good CC cream can shorten your daily routine, enhance your skin’s appearance and prevent premature aging.”

Joel Schlessinger MD recommends his top choice for an advanced CC cream.

When shopping for a CC cream, it is important to look for one that offers broad spectrum UV protection. To correct, protect and prevent signs of aging, Joel Schlessinger MD recommends a product such as Supergoop! SPF 35 Daily Correct CC Cream PA+++. This cream minimizes the appearance of enlarged pores, fine lines, dark spots and other imperfections while providing advanced UV protection. The creamy formula goes on lightly for complete coverage that lasts.

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Dr. Joel Schlessinger to appear on WebTalkRadio next week

Dr. Joel Schlessinger to appear on WebTalkRadio next week

Next week, Dr. Joel Schlessinger will be featured on on a show titled “Inside Cosmetic Surgery Today” with Dr. Barry Lycka. During his interview, Dr. Joel Schlessinger will be offering expert advice on at-home skin care devices and cosmeceuticals. He is looking forward to discussing the latest products and trends available to consumers today.

Do at-home skin care devices really work? Dr. Joel Schlessinger will explain.

Personal use skin care devices are growing in popularity as patients look for alternatives to in-office treatments. From laser hair removal to light therapy for acne and wrinkles, there are plenty of home-use tools to choose from. From the TRIA Beauty hair removal laser to Clarisonic cleansing tools, Dr. Joel Schlessinger will discuss his favorite at-home skin care devices and why they actually work.

Dr. Joel Schlessinger will also talk about the growing cosmeceutical industry.

Cosmeceuticals combine cosmetic products with pharmaceutical-grade ingredients to target issues like wrinkles, dark spots and more. These advanced skin care products contain ingredients like retinol, growth factors, peptides and botanicals to improve aging and problem skin. Cosmeceuticals are becoming more popular among patients who want to diminish premature signs of aging or enhance their results between in-office procedures.

Over the years,, founded by Dr. Joel Schlessinger, has been a leading source for patients seeking top-rated cosmeceuticals and expert advice. His experience with cosmeceuticals will be a valuable addition to this interview.

BB creams are another hot product on the market today. These multipurpose formulas typically offer the benefits of a sunscreen, moisturizer, foundation, primer and anti-aging treatment all at once. Dr. Joel Schlessinger will also share his thoughts on why these powerhouse creams are so trendy.

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Joel Schlessinger MD warns about the dangers of contamination at the makeup counter

Joel Schlessinger MD warns about the dangers of contamination at the makeup counter

Many people are unaware of the dangers at the makeup counter, reveals Joel Schlessinger MD.

Department stores, malls and markets are littered with makeup display counters that offer free samples and testers for consumers. While these counters conveniently allow individuals to test products before they purchase, they can also be home to germs and contaminants that are dangerous to consumers.

In a recent article on Fox News Magazine, Joel Schlessinger MD and other experts warn about the dangers that may be lurking at these counters.

Being aware of the dangers at the beauty counter can help you protect yourself, Joel Schlessinger MD says.

Most makeup counters offer free samples of everything from lipsticks to face creams that are exposed to hundreds of customers every day. Consumers are also at risk from using makeup brushes, applicators and other utensils that have been handled by other customers without being properly cleaned.

“There are several dangers that come to mind when using samples, but the biggest is contamination,” Joel Schlessinger MD says. “Large displays can and will run the risk of people handling samples and leaving behind germs, which can easily be transmitted to others.”

Understanding these risks and taking precautions can help you protect yourself against these germs.

Joel Schlessinger MD recommends taking these steps to prevent the spread of germs.

When trying samples from a store or beauty counter, Joel Schlessinger MD recommends using samples found in individual packets whenever possible. He also recommends testing products on the backs of hands rather than directly on the face, lips or eyes and washing them off as soon as possible. Before a sales associate or makeup artist uses a brush or applicator on you, be sure that the utensil has been properly cleaned and sanitized.

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