Dr. Joel Schlessinger recently featured in Plastic Surgery Practice

Dr. Joel Schlessinger recently featured in Plastic Surgery Practice
In a recent Plastic Surgery Practice article titled “Balancing Act,” Dr. Joel Schlessinger shares his secrets to success. The piece highlights how Dr. Joel Schlessinger balances running a successful private practice, clinical trial facility, retail store, spa and LovelySkin.com.

Attention to detail is important for success, Dr. Joel Schlessinger says.

Several skin care websites have failed over the years, but LovelySkin continues to thrive. Dr. Joel Schlessinger attributes this success to his hands-on approach.

“I am intimately involved in the everyday activities of [the site] and look over each and every email from customers,” he says. “If there is a problem, I make sure it is resolved and take a medical approach to the running of the website.”

Dr. Joel Schlessinger’s personal mantra—underpromise and overdeliver—plays a key role in every aspect of his professional life.

“That’s something I live by, along with the utmost emphasis on talking about the things that can go wrong. It is so important to know this before [performing a] procedure, but most doctors forget.”

Dr. Joel Schlessinger also likes to incorporate the latest technology into his practice.

As a board-certified dermatologist and cosmetic surgeon, Dr. Joel Schlessinger is always looking for cutting-edge ways to improve his practice. The biggest trend today, he says, is everything noninvasive.

“Ultherapy and CoolSculpting are taking off, and that is making a huge impact on how we rejuvenate individuals. I love the Ultherapy device and feel there is so much opportunity for it to be a game changer in the future.”

Dr. Joel Schlessinger is also excited about promising clinical trials for psoriasis.

“I am in the midst of a slew of new drug trials for psoriasis that will change the manner in which we approach this disease,” he says.

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About drjoelschlessinger

Dr. Joel Schlessinger is a dermatologist and cosmetic surgeon based in Omaha, NE.

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