Dr. Joel Schlessinger featured on BeautyHigh.com discussing the benefits of spirulina

Dr. Joel Schlessinger featured on BeautyHigh.com about the benefits of spirulina
Dr. Joel Schlessinger recently talked with BeautyHigh.com about the skin-savvy benefits of spirulina. This blue-green algae is found in many natural and marine-based skin care products because of its high nutritional content that can help protect and beautify your complexion. Read more to find out how spirulina skin care products can do wonders for your skin.

Spirulina can help you achieve healthier hair and nails, says Dr. Joel Schlessinger.

When taken as a supplement, this seaweed can help many aspects of your body. Spirulina contains a wide range of minerals that are important to maintain healthy hair, skin and nails. These minerals help keep hair shiny and your nails strong. Not only this, but it also helps fight off inflammation and can help soothe and calm sensitive skin.

Dr. Joel Schlessinger says spirulina is a great source of antioxidants.

Free radicals are a common part of our environment that can cause premature aging. Luckily, spirulina has a high content of antioxidants that help shield the skin from free radical damage. Spirulina is packed with vitamin A, vitamin B-12 and vitamin E, all of which can help improve the appearance of sagging, tired-looking skin.

“These vitamins also prevent wide-spread free radical growth, stopping premature aging in its tracks,” said Dr. Joel Schlessinger.

Treat dark circles with spirulina, Dr. Joel Schlessinger advises.

Spirulina can also help strengthen the skin, helping to minimize the appearance of dark circles.

“The detoxifying effects of spirulina can help eliminate dark circles and other shadows. It can also improve general dryness and irritation in the eyes and skin around the eyes,” said Dr. Joel Schlessinger.

Dr. Joel Schlessinger incorporates spirulina into the treatment of warts.

In Dr. Joel Schlessinger’s dermatology clinic, he often advises his patients to use a regimen containing spirulina to treat and prevent the growth of warts.

“Most of my wart patients find it an easy way to ward off new warts and heal recalcitrant ones with fewer treatments,” he said.

Dr. Joel Schlessinger shares his favorite products that contain spirulina.

Kerstin Florian Rejuvenating Spirulina Masque can be used as a stimulating treatment for a healthier, more youthful appearance. Rich in antioxidants, vitamins, minerals, protein and chlorophyll, this mask is the ultimate nutrient boost for dull skin.

Elemis Body Enhancement Capsules are daily supplements that can help strengthen your hair and nails as it boosts your mental alertness and improves stamina. For superior results, use these supplements with a sensible diet and exercise.

Have you ever used a product with spirulina? Tell us about it in the comments.


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Dr. Joel Schlessinger is a dermatologist and cosmetic surgeon based in Omaha, NE.

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