Dr. Joel Schlessinger discusses ways to help your hair grow faster with Univision.com

Dr. Joel Schlessinger discusses ways to help your hair grow faster with Univision.com

In a recent article on Univision.com, Dr. Joel Schlessinger shares steps you can take to promote healthy hair growth. In the article, he addresses several beauty myths that claim to make hair grow faster. Although there’s no magic way to have longer, stronger hair, Dr. Joel Schlessinger says you can promote healthy hair growth with the right treatments, diet and hair care.

Regular trims and brushing 100 strokes a day won’t help hair grow faster, according to Dr. Joel Schlessinger.

We’ve often heard the best way to help hair grow faster is by getting regular trims. This is one of the most common hair myths.

“Trimming the ends of your hair won’t do anything to the root, where the hair actually grows,” Dr. Joel Schlessinger says. “Regular trims only create the illusion that hair is growing faster because you stop seeing split ends. This damage makes any added length appear less noticeable over time.”

Over brushing won’t add length to your strands, either. All that combing might even be doing some damage.

“Brushing 100 strokes a day won’t help boost hair growth, either,” Dr. Joel Schlessinger adds. “In fact, brushing causes friction that leads to breakage and other damage.”

Dr. Joel Schlessinger suggests using specially formulated products to achieve healthy, strong hair.

Taking care of your hair will also help prevent breakage, leading to longer hair over time.

Dr. Joel Schlessinger suggests shampooing with Revivogen Bio-Cleansing Shampoo, a gentle, sulfate-free formula that contains bioactive nutrients to create a healthy scalp environment for hair growth. Then follow with Revivogen Thickening Conditioner, which replenishes moisture, strengthens the hair shaft and adds volume. Finally, apply Revivogen Scalp Therapy Kit to achieve best results.

There are also several treatment options available to help promote healthy hair growth. Dr. Joel Schlessinger recommends taking Viviscal® Professional Supplements. These dietary supplements contain clinically proven ingredients like biotin, apple extract, vitamin C and a marine complex called AminoMar to help nourish hair and promote healthy growth from within.

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Dr. Joel Schlessinger is a dermatologist and cosmetic surgeon based in Omaha, NE.

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