Dr. Joel Schlessinger shares skin care tips with HealthyAging.net

Dr. Schlessinger shares skin care tips with HealthyAging.net//embedr.flickr.com/assets/client-code.js

With the start of school and the coming of cooler weather, fall means fresh beginnings. While you’re in the thick of exciting changes, why not reevaluate your current skin care routine? Recently, in an article on HealthyAging.net called “Healthy Aging Month: 10 Skin Care Tips,” Dr. Joel Schlessinger shared advice on how to maintain youthful, glowing skin this autumn and beyond.

Sunscreen is a crucial step in your daily routine, says Dr. Joel Schlessinger.

First and foremost, sunscreen is a must every day, rain or shine, all year round. Not only does sunscreen protect against premature signs of aging such as wrinkles, a rough texture and dark spots, it also protects against the deadliest form of skin cancer, melanoma.

When it comes to sun protection, be sure to choose a broad spectrum formula. “SPF only applies to how well a product protects against UVB rays, not UVA. Both types of UV exposure cause skin cancer, so broad spectrum protection is important,” says Dr. Schlessinger, who likes to recommend EltaMD sunscreens to his patients.

Dr. Schlessinger recommends maintaining a consistent skin care routine.

In addition to sun protection, your skin will thank you for maintaining a consistent, comprehensive routine that includes a cleanser, exfoliator, eye cream and moisturizer. Cleanse your face twice daily, once in the morning and once in the evening, and don’t forget to remove any leftover makeup.

Dr. Schlessinger recommends exfoliating twice a week to achieve a bright, even skin tone. “Exfoliation promotes healthy cell turnover and rejuvenates a dull complexion,” he explains. A mild formula, like LovelySkin LUXE Clarifying Gel Cleanser, is all you need for a smooth, radiant complexion.

The neck, chest and hands are often over-looked when it comes to anti-aging care, but they often receive as much sun exposure as the face. This means they’re just as prone to blotchiness, dark spots and fine lines. Dr. Schlessinger suggests applying sunscreen to these areas daily to avoid accruing further damage. There are also special treatments available, such as NeoStrata Skin Active Triple Firming Neck Cream. Dr. Schlessinger acted as principal investigator in a clinical study for the cream and saw exciting results in his patients!

Avoid over-doing it with indoor heating sources, advises Dr. Joel Schlessinger.

We all know that fall and winter tend to deplete skin of moisture due to the cool, dry air, but indoor conditions can be just as dehydrating, creating a cycle of itchiness, tightness and peeling. “Put a humidifier in your bedroom to counteract the drying effect of indoor heating,” Dr. Schlessinger advises.

It’s also important to note that sitting too close to a heat source can lead to collagen breakdown. Position space heaters slightly away from skin or change positions frequently to be sure the hot air isn’t continually hitting just one area of skin.

Schedule regular appointments with a dermatologist, like Dr. Joel Schlessinger.

Other ways to maintain young-looking skin include avoiding excess sugar intake, laying on your back to minimize sleep wrinkles and of course, scheduling regular appointments with your dermatologist. They can help screen for early signs of skin cancer, recommend professional anti-aging treatments and help you build a regimen that’s perfect for your needs.

Do you have a question about maintaining healthy, beautiful skin? Ask Dr. Schlessinger in the comments section below.


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Dr. Joel Schlessinger is a dermatologist and cosmetic surgeon based in Omaha, NE.

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