Tips to Save Your Skin When You Shower!

Tips to Save Your Skin When You Shower//

1). Turn down the temperature: overly hot showers dry out skin.

Long, hot showers feel wonderfully soothing, but your skin will pay the price if you overdo it. In a recent article on, Dr. Schlessinger discussed the effect that long stints under a too-hot stream can have on skin.

“The heat from the shower softens the skin’s natural oil barrier and soap washes it away,” explains Dr. Schlessinger. “Without this barrier, skin easily loses moisture, leading to dryness [and] itchiness. . .”

Spending too much time in a hot shower can also cause eczema and psoriasis flare-ups and irritate sensitive skin. In winter, when skin is already prone to dryness, this can be a recipe for flaky, rough patches, and even cracking and bleeding knuckles. Luckily, one simple fix can make a big difference. Next time you hop in the shower or bath, set a timer. Dr. Schlessinger recommends 10 minutes tops, but the shorter, the better.

2). Lock in moisture as soon as you step out.

You may be lotion-ing up after you’ve stepped out of the shower and dried off, but the secret is to apply moisturizing formulas to damp skin.

“If you fail to moisturize your skin right after showering, the top layers of the skin can quickly become dry and dehydrated,” says Dr. Schlessinger. Applying a moisturizer to damp skin will allow the product to absorb more effectively and lock in moisture long-term. We like EltaMD Lotion, a fragrance-free formula that’s gentle enough for sensitive skin.

3). Retink your towel technique.

Once you’re ready to dry off, you might want to think twice about your technique and towel of choice. Not only can towels be rough and scratchy, damp or shared towels can spread bacteria. You should avoid sharing towels with others, change them out daily and go easy on your skin.

Dr. Schlessinger suggests: “Instead of rubbing, always pat your skin dry with a towel. Patting your skin with a towel reduces the amount of friction between the fabric and your skin, minimizing the risk of irritation.” If you’ve noticed any red, itchy rashes, it may be time to re-examine your detergent or fabric softener of choice. Allergic reactions to laundry products are common and you may need to schedule an appointment with your dermatologist. They will likely suggest switching to Free & Clear laundry products, which are free of skin irritants.

4). Shave carefully!

Shaving can be a pain when you’re in a rush. You might want to get it over with right away, but you should probably put down that razor.

While it can be tempting to shave as soon as you get in the shower, it’s actually better to wait two or three minutes before grabbing your razor, says Dr. Schlessinger. “This allows the water to soften the hair, making your shaving routine much easier.”

Other common shaving blunders include using a razor with a dull blade and shaving in the opposite direction that hair grows. Both of these mistakes can cause ingrown hairs, razor burn and irritation. It’s always better to grab a fresh blade often so you’re not applying too much pressure and to shave in the same direction hair grows.

For more information on these top shower mistakes, check out the full article on

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Dr. Joel Schlessinger is a dermatologist and cosmetic surgeon based in Omaha, NE.

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